Slip into a slimmer shape without surgery and downtime. Reduce stubborn cellulite and claim your confidence back today.


Do fat build-up and problem areas still exist even after improving your diet or engaging in daily exercises? Give your hard work a little push and boost results with SculpSure. Get rid of the unwanted fat for good.

This skin treatment gets rid of fat cells in multiple areas, at once. We're thrilled to show you how it works here at Muto Beauty in Calgary, Alberta.

The Fat Build-Up that’s Resistant to Diet and Exercise

Cellulite appears as bumps or dimples on the skin, with a texture similar to orange peel. It occurs on the arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. 

Cellulite is more common among women, but men can also experience it. It isn’t harmful, but for some, it can be unflattering.

Why Some People are More Likely to Develop Sellulite

Cellulite is linked to the connective tissue beneath the skin and the layer of fat below it.

  • In women, this connective tissue and fat layer are arranged vertically. If the fat accumulates and protrudes into the skin, an uneven surface appears. This dimpled lump formation is cellulite.
  • Several other factors, such as gender, age, genetics, and lifestyle, can result in the unwanted fat build-up.
  • Cellulite becomes more visible with age when the skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner.
  • Diet and lifestyle can also contribute to fat build-up. Too many carbohydrates, smoking, and too little exercise can make fat cells more prevalent.
  • Weight gain is also a likely risk factor, but even slim people can have excess fat.

The Simpler Step Toward Smoother, Contoured Skin

Reducing risk factors can help better your skin texture. But they require time and dedication. This involves altering routine, which can become exhausting at some point. 

Consulting with professionals is also essential to ensure you’re taking safe steps to target cellulite. You may find that some skin concerns aren’t cooperating as you hope, despite your efforts. 

If you're looking for a solution that lets you sit back and relax, we have it. SculpSure is a non-invasive skin treatment that addresses cellulite. 

Fat reduction is made simpler and more convenient. The process doesn’t involve needles, anesthesia, or incisions. You’re bound to see visible results after every session. 

The treatment is also personalized for your comfort.

A Soothing Treatment for Eliminating Stubborn Fat Permanently

This is the power of SculpSure. And we’re thrilled to offer this option to you. 

Whatever your shape and size, we’re here to help you achieve your skin and body goals. Each body is different, and we recognize the efforts you’re giving to improve yours. But if trouble areas aren’t changing, using advanced skincare technology may be the way to go. 

This time, see a more confident version of yourself while you rest. 

A SculpSure session lasts for only 25 minutes each and destroys up to 24% of fat on the treated area. All without surgery. All without any effort on your part.

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Here at Muto Beauty, we offer fully-customizable, body-sculpting treatments that don’t slow down your daily life.

No more unwanted fat to pinch and squeeze in front of the mirror. You can also bid goodbye to the daily pills. It's time to put on your favorite clothes again.

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