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Stubborn Fat


Everyone has some fat, and sometimes it’s tough to shed. And even when you do your best – dieting and exercising – some fat, particularly stubborn fat, just won’t budge. It’s time to consider body contouring treatment – no surgery, little to no recovery time, just results.


You regularly exercise. You eat a balanced diet. But despite doing these, your attempt to reduce fat or flatten your stomach doesn’t work out. Losing that stubborn fat may seem impossible, but with SculpSure, achieving a natural-looking and slimmer appearance without surgery or downtime is doable.

This non-invasive body contouring treatment removes excess fat in stubborn areas. It works by heating fat cells and shrinking them. Here at Muto Beauty in Calgary, Alberta, we’re delighted to share with you how SculpSure can reduce stubborn fat and completely reshape your body.

Why do Some People Have Stubborn Fat?

Your body has trouble areas where pockets of unwanted and stubborn fat tend to accumulate. These areas include your back, chest, hips, love handles, stomach, under the chin, and waist. And the fat in these trouble areas is often diet and exercise resistant, which means it will be very difficult to lose it naturally.

Other causes of stubborn fat are diet, gender, genes, hormones, and even lifestyle. If you’re not cautious with your diet and you keep eating processed foods and sweets and drinking sugary beverages, you’ll likely develop stubborn fat on your abdomen, buttocks, and hips.

Win the Battle with Stubborn Fat

Getting rid of your stubborn fat can be frustrating as it is resistant to diet and exercise. But don’t give up! We at Muto Beauty will help you win this battle.

We are thrilled to offer SculpSure to patients in Calgary, Alberta. This non-surgical body contouring treatment reduces fat cells without affecting your skin’s surface. It permanently destroys unwanted pockets of stubborn fat. So, you can bid goodbye to them forever! During your SculpSure treatment, you’ll initially feel a cooling sensation. This helps keep your skin comfortable throughout the procedure. Then the laser that’s used in the treatment causes apoptosis, which gently raises the temperature of the fat cells and destroys their structural integrity.

SculpSure efficiently treats areas of stubborn fat in just 25 minutes per treatment. There’s no recovery time, so you can return to your daily activities immediately.

SculpSure offers many more benefits

  • Safe treatment
  • No scarring or bruising
  • Minimal downtime and no recovery time
  • Natural, long-lasting, and permanent results
  • Fat reduction in abs, arms, back, flanks, and thighs

You can enjoy the results in six weeks. And to achieve optimal results, you may need multiple treatments.

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When you’re frustrated with the constant struggle to lose stubborn fat that just won’t budge, consider SculpSure at Muto Beauty. We’ve seen how happy and satisfied our patients are after having this treatment.

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